How Your Peers Are Managing Their Money – Survey Results

Four weeks ago we had our newsletter subscribers participate in a survey and promised to share the results along with our thoughts on what they mean. Well the results are in and there are some interesting insights into what it means for you and your peers as you manage your money. We recognize that the data is not a perfect representation of investors as a whole.  Our subscribers are definitely a wealthier, more educated and more sophisticated slice of the population. Those subscribers who chose to participate may slant one way or another compared to those who chose not to. And finally, to keep it short and anonymous we didn’t get much of the detail that would have given even more insight into investor behavior. That said, below are the survey results and some of our thoughts on what they may mean for you as you consider your investments and
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Volatility Is The Price You Pay For The Returns On An Investment: The IGGA Podcast

If you are one of the many investors, who, like one of my client’s, has a misplaced notion of risk, you’ll get a lot out of today’s podcast. Also, you will probably want to talk with us about assessing how risk and returns play into your portfolio decisions. I can’t tell you the number of truly bright, hard working individuals that have deeply limited their portfolio’s value because they misunderstood risk. I hope you enjoy the podcast, and encourage you to give me a call to discuss how you should be looking at risk and investments for your time frame. Listen below.
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Investing to Beat a Benchmark: FREE Access to the Online Investors Conference Presentation

As you may have seen in the last few weeks in our newsletter, I was recently invited to be a presenter at the Online Investor Conference. My topic was “Investing to Beat a Benchmark.” But it really was a fairly good overview of our end-to-end value investing approach at Iron Gate. A look into what has made our past sixteen years of performance stand out. We are now making it available to IGGA newsletter subscribers to view at your leisure free. It will be beneficial for both the investor who has a financial advisor and the investor who manages their money for themselves. If you follow the video through, it will be a good way to assess whether you are investing with an eye towards value – i.e. the Buffett approach. So click below and enjoy a look at our perspective on Investing to Beat a Benchmark. Disclosures: All investments
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Iron Gate Global Advisors June Survey – Enter For A Chance At A $50 Amazon Gift Card

The Iron Gate Global Advisors newsletter is received by thousands of participants like yourself who have an interest in their financial future.  Many have expressed a desire to improve their standing by enhancing their knowledge about personal finances, retirement and investing. In an effort to help you understand your peers so that you can perhaps improve your own portfolio, we would like to invite you to participate in a short survey. We will share the results in a few weeks with you through the newsletter and via our blog. All participant information will be undisclosed except as aggregate answers. As an added bonus we’re throwing in three Amazon $50 gift cards to be given to three lucky participants. Simply add your email at the end of the survey if you’d like a chance to win. We look forward to sharing the results with you. Complete The Survey Below Disclosures: All
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Podcast: Only 10% of Investors are Fundamental Investors – What?!

This week I am kicking off my first podcast edition with a discussion of an amazing insight from JP Morgan: only 10% of current market trades are from investors who are fundamental traders.   I’ve discussed in the past why stock picking is so important to our firm. It’s why we have the performance track record we have. This news makes us very excited moving forward, as it should anyone who invests similarly to Warren Buffett and other fundamental investors.   If you are an index investor (i.e. buy and stick with a basic bundle of ETFs or other vehicles) you may not be thrilled with what we have to say.   Regardless, you should have a listen as we believe the knowledge that only 10% of investors are fundamentally focused is a big deal.  
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The Political Sell: Bad Choice or Horrible Choice?

Today, as I was watching CNBC and other news outlets, the coverage was primarily centered around a tweet that President Trump made earlier in the day. No one really knew what the tweet meant, but the fact that everyone was trying to figure it out was interesting to me. Back on May 17, the market fell 1.8% on the news that there could possibly be an impeachment. President Trump and his dealings with Russia would come back to bite him, and take him out of office. The news outlets, again, were going crazy with the news. All this recent fascination with President Trump had me thinking: What if someone sold their stocks every time the President did something stupid? How would that strategy work out? Below is a chart of the S&P 500 along with some stupid things that Presidents have done in recent memory. As you look at it,
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Forecasting The Stock Market: A Fool’s Game

It’s that time of year again. We are entering the season of vacations, family reunions, boating, fishing, golf and everything else that makes summer time one of the best times of the year. We are also entering the summer doldrums in the stock market where volatility seems to always rear its head. Almost every summer the end of the world occurs. Last summer it was Brexit. It was going to destroy Europe. The summer of 2015 it happened in August when China’s growth was over, and the country’s progress into a developed market was over. The forecasts that come out generally discuss the stock markets bull run ending, the economy going into a recession and gold becoming the best investment possible. At this point in time, when this volatility occurs, you will also be email bombed or receive some other type of advertising from newsletter writers all predicting “the end”.
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Mistakes: Everyone Makes Them, The Average Repeat Them, The Greats Learn From Them

Mistakes. Everyone makes them. The greats learn from them while the average joe repeats them. In this week’s Market Commentary we are talking about how some of the best money managers ever have made mistakes and how learning from them is what made them great. And let’s just say this – in the midst of a bull market, like we’re in, mistakes become more common place and euphoria can take over. Doesn’t mean don’t ride the bull. Just means that we should be applying the rational, thoughtful, time-tested lessons of managing money described in the video. So watch the video and assess yourself on how well you learn from investing mistakes. What We’re Reading 5 things I’ve learned from Charlie Munger – David Clark shares the 5 things that he’s learned from Buffett’s right hand man, Charlie Munger. We can’t focus on just one because all five are just fantastic!
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What We Learn About Contrary Opportunities From the Peanut Butter Bear Market

In this week’s video commentary we’re talking about the lessons of the Peanut Butter Bear Market. Haven’t heard of the Peanut Butter Bear Market? Well it has some great lessons about when we should be building our portfolios and taking advantage of opportunities. It’s a great lesson in how a contrary view can completely change the game for the wise investor. So please watch and enjoy learning about what peanut butter can teach us. What We’re Reading What Works on Wall Street. This is a Google Talk by Jim O’Shaughnessy. O’Shaughnessy is the author of one of our favorite books, “What Works on Wall Street.” This is one of the better one hour educational videos we have watched recently. We Can Get Great Advice, But the Decision is Up to Us. Carl Richards of the Behavior Gap, discusses how, when it comes down to financial advice, it’s up to you!
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If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

What a glorious time to be invested in the stock market! The market has rallied 14% since the election on Nov. 4, the major indexes have rallied to hit all-time highs. We are far from the “euphoria” that Sir John Templeton discusses as being the end of a bull market. Despite all the good news, it’s impossible to know with certainty when it will come to a screeching halt. The hardest thing to do—we may even call it impossible—is time the market consistently. Someone may get luck once, or maybe even twice, but to time it again and again is a fool’s errand. At Iron Gate Global Advisors, we have what we call a “Bear Market Game Plan.” It’s part of our process that we implement when that Bear Market rears its ugly head. Below are a few of the characteristics of our plan. Know when to sell your stocks:
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