10 Golden Rules for Investing

Peter Lynch, one of the greatest investors in the last 50 years, averaged 29.2% per year from 1977-1990. It’s one of the best investing streaks in history.

In his writing, Lynch gives 10 rules for investing that are critical in compounding wealth over time. Lynch’s transparency in his approach (and success) are why so many people try to mimic how he invested.

In this episode we share, define, and discuss these rules. Here’s a few examples:

    • Ignore economic forecasts
    • Buy companies with competitive advantages
    • Let your winners run

    Some of these rules are easier said than done, which is why Iron Gate Global is here to keep you on track.

    Buckle up! We cover a lot of important ground in this episode. 

    Here’s to wise investing,

    Brett Pattison and Brian Hunsaker

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