The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Lessons From My 13 Year Old

In investing there is one gift that trumps all other gifts. It is a gift to the future that not nearly enough people take advantage of the way they should.

In this week’s podcast I invite my 13 year old son to join me and discuss the lessons he learned about this special present. He helps me walk through the principles and numbers that should be a key part of your financial strategy. The gift that keeps on giving.

I hope you enjoy the podcast below.

Head to head: the individual investor vs a financial advisor by the numbers.

In this week’s podcast I am talking about how individual investors, those who go it alone, do versus having a financial advisor. My data is from DALBAR’s annual survey of investors and their performance.

You’ll find it fascinating. I’d also encourage you to analyze your current performance versus that data. It will help you frame your investment decisions going forward.

See how you compare to the survey results in the podcast below:

How to Handle Headlines: The Helpful Handbook for Hysteria

This week’s podcast is all about what the news headlines are taking about right now: a market fall. As well as how to handle headlines. Because, if you let them, they can make you behave irrationally.

Click below to listen and enjoy!