Is the stock market still the place to be?

A few weeks ago we did a podcast that discussed what we would do when a stock market correction occurred.
Well, the volatility occurred, and may not be over yet.
This week we discuss how we handled the volatility, how our clients handled it, and  what we think of the stock market moving forward.
In addition, we share some interesting statistics about volatility that will hopefully help you sleep better.
We also share our thoughts about the bond market, which, is . . . well, hopefully enlightening to those that love bonds.
Here’s to wise investing,
Iron Gate Global Advisors

Information presented is gathered from sources to be reliable. However, Iron Gate Global Advisors does not attest to its accuracy and is not responsible for errors and /or omissions.  This is for educational purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Options may not be suitable investments for you and your financial situation. Please consult with a professional before investing.

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