Unlock your 401(k)’s potential. Roll it over today.

Have you . . .

Changed employers in the last few years?
Invested in a 401(k) that’s collecting dust at your old employer?

If you answered yes to these two questions, we’ve got the solution for you.

Iron Gate Global has a simple three-step free rollover solution that will allow your 401(k), no matter the size, to get the professional attention it deserves without any tax consequences.

Step 1: Open an IRA account.

Step 2: Contact your 401(k) provider and inform them of your intent to roll the 401(k) into an IRA.

Step 3: Relax while we do the rest of the work.

Why should you roll your 401(k) to Iron Gate Global?

The answer is simple. Cost and growth. Let’s break it down, starting with cost.

The average cost (also known as the expense) to have your money inside a 401(k) plan is an astounding 3.17%.* This fee includes the cost you’re paying your 401(k) provider as well as the expensive products your provider is offering to you. This is an outrageous amount to pay for little help.

Now let’s look at growth. Let’s say your current 401(k) is making 6% per year after fees. If you invest $50,000, then allow the power of time to work its magic, after 20 years you’ll have $160,356. A pretty decent gain.

Now let’s say you’re able to reduce your fees and gain an extra 2% per year. That extra 2% gain allows your original $50,000 to grow to $233,047 after the same period of 20 years. That’s a difference of $123,491.70!

PortfolioStarting ValueNumber of yearsPercent ReturnEnding Value
Current 401(k)$50,000206%$109,556.16
Rolled Over 401(k)$50,000208%$233,047.86

*The Real Cost of Owning a Mutual Fund,” Forbes, April 4, 2011