A lesson from one of the great ones

To those that are familiar with our firm and the content that we write, Howard Marks should not be an unfamiliar name. For those that are not familiar with him, Mr. Marks is one of the great value investors of our time. He authored one of our firms favorite books, The Most Important Thing. We urge everyone to read it.

This week Mr. Marks was on Bloomberg T.V.’s morning television show. He offered many pearls of wisdom including one of our favorite clips below.

Mr. Marks discusses:

  • The only intelligent from of investing. 
  • His current take on the markets.
  • The importance of being an above average thinker or “superior investor.”
  • How to handle the lack of liquidity in many markets including the high yield market.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Click here to view: http://bloom.bg/1R9RV5C


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