Are These Market Highs Too High? September Market Commentary

The market has gone nowhere but up since Brexit. Is this sustainable?

The summer doldrums never really happened as we have seen indices up across the board. Does that mean something has changed in the markets?

September (and to a lesser extent October) is one of the historically lower performing months of the year. How should you think about your portfolio in light of this?

All time highs, or near them for the Dow, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq. Will the trend continue?

These are all questions you should care about and that we discuss in this month’s Market Commentary.

What we’re reading:

The Stock Market is Vanishing: This is an interesting article pointing out that there are fewer stocks than there has been in a long time. This could be a reason valuations could head higher? While we believe the low interest rate environment is the cause, we don’t have an opinion whether this is good or bad for the market.

Ex-NFL player, Mega Millions winner press $7.8M claims against Morgan Stanley: This is sad, but we see it a lot. Brokers, who have no legal responsibility to take care of their clients, often put them in products and services that are not what the client needs or should in any way have. We believe you should always look for a Fiduciary, someone that is legally responsible to put your interests above their own. This article is another reason why.

The cartoon of the week: Sadly, this coincides with the article above. This should be more about crappy annuities than mutual funds. (Although most of them are crappy too!) Our advice . . . if it’s too good to be true, IT IS!


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