Being Human

Being Human: Biggest Obstacle to Your Investing Success?

“Be careful when you follow the masses . . . sometimes the ‘m’ is silent.” – Mark Twain

Investing is tricky and many people are doing it so wrong they are dramatically limiting their future prosperity. Today in my video newsletter I want to talk about avoiding doing something wrong.

And the wrong often comes simply from following our instincts and being human. Let’s talk about how “being human” can get in the way of successful investing.

What We’re Reading

How Salespeople Make Money from Your Wealth: This is something that we wrote for the popular website It is a must read as it shares with you some first-hand experience of how sales can hurt you (current example is Wells Fargo). It also offers a suggestion of what you can do about it.

If Wall Street is Bearish, I’m Bullish! Barry Ritholtz explains all the scenarios to be negative (bearish) on the market. He then explains why this could actually be bullish for the markets as most of this information is priced in the market. Our take – it all boils down to buying good companies at good prices

Playing Golf can add 5 years to your Life: Our take…this sounds great! Make sure you plan appropriately to live an extra 5 years as well as to save extra money for the green fees!

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