Portfolio Management for the High-Net-Worth Individual

The high-net-worth individual needs something different than what has traditionally been available. These individuals often have more complex, sometimes highly concentrated investments that make up their net worth.

Those investments may include:

  • Real estate
  • A high concentration of stock in one company or industry
  • Long term stock holdings that have been inherited or acquired over time
  • Restricted stock investments
  • A small business
  • Large investments in many different companies
  • Other alternative investments

Helping a high-net-worth individual takes a team. We don’t pretend that we are experts at everything. That’s why we’ve created relationships with some terrific Estate Attorney’s, and Tax Planners.

We believe that synergy among the three phases of an individual’s life is important so that the client can accomplish their financial goals, whatever they may be, as efficiently as possible.

The Iron Gate Global Portfolio Assessment

Contact us for a free portfolio review. We will assess and discuss:

  • The risk to reward of your portfolio.
  • What type of Strategies can be implemented to reduce volatility or enhance returns.
  • Any specific situations you may be encountering.
Portfolio Assessment

Our Investing Methodology

We implement three investing strategies. Each strategy has different objectives and risk profiles.

Because our clients’ needs are the single most important factor, we customize the allocation of funds based on individual needs, objectives, and risk tolerance.

After assessing a client’s individual risk tolerance, we apply advanced risk management strategies and techniques across the entire portfolio.