Home Country Bias - Behavioral Investing

Do You Have Home Country Bias and Other Behaviorally Driven Investor Topics

In this week’s podcast I’m basing my thoughts on the string of client questions I have been receiving over the last couple of weeks. You may have heard me say before, as a financial advisor I consider myself a behavioral advisor as much as a markets advisor.
Investors are antsy and they’re asking questions like:
“The market is at an all-time high is it the time to sell?”
“This political environment is making me antsy, how do I trade it?”
I address these topics head on. What does history and what does probability tell us about them? The answers formulate our response.
Finally, I also address a critical behavioral weakness of many investors: home country bias. You like many others may have this. It can hamper your portfolio’s performance.
So click below to listen as we discuss these very important topics and see how you would grade yourself against our recommended approach.

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