how much should you invest in bitcoin

How much Bitcoin should I have in my portfolio: IGGA Podcast

Based on numerous client and associate discussions I have been having I know what is on many people’s minds: Bitcoin. Today we are going to take a look at Bitcoin and how the smart investor should be viewing this relatively new phenomenon of cryptocurrencies.
I hope you enjoy our take on Bitcoin and what it can mean for the informed investor.

What We’re Reading

An Experts Guide to Calling a Market Top: This is by Barry Ritholtz and is a fantastic article. We found ourselves not only nodding our heads as we read it but laughing as well. This is a great piece that is a must read for anyone.
The $12-million iPhone: In light of the new iPhone X launch, this article seems very appropriate. This is by Bret Swanson. After reading this article you will see just how blessed we all are to live in the times that we live in.
19 Questions to Ask your Financial Advisor: If you’re looking to hire a Financial Advisor and need a list of questions to ask, this is as good as we’ve seen. Jason Zweig, who’s been writing on these topics for decades, knows exactly what you need to ask an Advisor before working with them. Our take, call us and ask us these questions, we have answers for them all! (you will need a Wall Street Journal log-in to read this article)

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