Smooth Sailing in the Markets So Far This Year

How To Think About This Market And The Non-existent Volatility We Are Experiencing: Podcast

For almost the entire year this has been a smooth sailing market. What does this mean for investors?
This week in our podcast we take a dive into the data around this Bull market, how it compares to other low-volatility markets of the past, and what you should be thinking about when it comes to your portfolio.
Click below to listen and enjoy.

What We’re Reading

Malcom Gladwell: There are no shortcuts to success – here’s what will up your chances. We agree 100% with this! It’s what we do every day for our clients to help them build and manage their wealth. It’s what we’re trying to teach our children daily, and it’s the one thing that you can’t succeed in life without.
Investors, Stop Worrying About Why ‘Nobody’ Is Worrying. Jason Zweig’s article falls right in line with our podcast for the week. We have no idea why volatility is non-existent. All we know is that it will eventually come, so prepare yourselves. It may be in the next week, month or year, but it will come, the preparation comes now.
There They Go Again . . . Again. When Howard Marks writes a memo, everyone should read it. We put Mr. Marks memos on the same page as Warren Buffett’s annual report. In this memo, he discusses risk, preparation for eventual volatility, and hits head on the ridiculous investment of crypto-currencies.

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