Is the global market volatility going to continue?

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June and July have been a roller coaster in the markets. While that volatility can cause some people to be nervous, it can also create opportunities!

Each month we produce a market commentary video that allows you . . .

  • Insights as to what we’re thinking about the global markets.
  • Strategy ideas for current market conditions.
  • To set the proper expectations for the coming month(s).

In this months market commentary video we discuss what happened in July (I think the positive returns may surprise you) and what may happen in August.


In addition to this months market commentary video, we created a new video called the “Future of the U.S. Dollar.”

We created this video because there is a lot being said online, on the radio, and on T.V. about the potential destruction of the U.S. dollar. We lay out the rationale, in a simple way, that will resolve any concerns you may have about the future of the dollar.

As always if you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are more than happy to discuss anything mentioned in the video as well as how Iron Gate Global Advisors can assist you in accomplishing your financial goals.


Brian Hunsaker and Brett Pattison
Iron Gate Global Advisors

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