Is There Finally an Alternative to Stocks?

Thanks to the Fed (and inflation), interest rates have moved higher and faster than any other time in history. It truly has been a historic rise. 

Here’s where we stand now – 

  • 2-year treasury is now at 5.05% (1 year ago it was 1.68%)
  • 10-year treasury is now at 3.88% (1 year ago it was 1.94%)
  • a 30-year mortgage is now 6.8% (1 year ago it was 3.85%)

As interest rates have risen, investors are now considering bonds, CD’s, and treasuries more than they have in the last 10 years. But is that a good idea?

In this episode, Brett and Brian each take a stance on buying these investments. Their stances may surprise you.  

So are bonds, CD’s, or treasuries right for you? We provide information necessary to make the best decision possible. 

Here’s to wise investing, 

Brett Pattison & Brian Hunsaker

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