Is your wealth protected?

One of the great ironies of investing is how people view risk. As clients initially come to us, their greatest fear is losing the money they have worked their entire lives to save.

Now don’t get us wrong, that is a very important concern. However, after we begin working with and educating people, it becomes clear what the most important risk actually is.

In today’s podcast we address the biggest risk facing anyone. THIS RISK, if not addressed properly, can rob you blind without you even knowing it. THIS RISK is something that not enough people address because it’s different than the standard academic answer for portfolio management.

We discuss THIS RISK, how to escape it, the role of volatility, dividends, interest rates and a whole lot more.

Buckle in! you’re going to love the ride we’re going to take you on!

Here’s to wise investing,

Brian, Brett & the Iron Gate Global Team

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