History and Lethargic Markets

Market Commentary – What History Has To Say About Lethargic Markets

The markets have gone sideways for well over a year now. History has a little bit to show us about what that might mean and how we may want to think about the next few months.

In this month’s Market Commentary we’re going to review historical references of when the markets looked similar to what we see today. It’s an interesting view on why being consistent, and focusing on probabilities is the approach that is most likely to yield results.

And below the video we have our “What We’re Reading” section to give you some of our favorite articles. Enjoy.


What We’re Reading

What’s Your Plan B for Retirement? This is a great article about the importance of a well-built portfolio as well as the need to make retirement about more than just money. Read the full article here.

Buy-and-hold fund prospers with no new asset bets in 80 years. This is a fascinating article that shows how a portfolio was built, using a value based investing model, and how it has performed over the last 80 years. It’s another example of the power of investing vs. trading. Read the full article here.

No matter what, the long-term investor comes out ahead of the short-term trader. This is one of our favorite articles detailing how hard it is to actually make money actively trading your entire portfolio. Can one of the best traders of all time outperform one of the most passive traders? Read it and find out. I think you’ll be surprised. Full article here.

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