Optimism in the Face of The Bear

Why we’re optimistic in the face of the bear

As I spent some time preparing this month’s Iron Gate Market Commentary I was considering all the fear in the market. And I decided that is what I wanted to focus on – the Bear. And specifically, why you absolutely should not panic in the face of the Bear.
Investors who act based on fear, on downward trends and trying to time the market nearly always find themselves losing out on great opportunities and destroying their 5, 10 or 30 year financial plan.

If there is one piece of advice that I have, and I go through it in detail in this month’s Market Commentary, it is that discipline and sticking to your guns in a down market is what leads to long term success.

This month I also give you some very specific things that we do in a down market including:

  • utilizing this time of decline to accumulate great assets that are at a relative value
  • incorporating options strategies to generate low risk income
  • utilizing options strategies to also protect your assets and reduce losses as the market trends downward

Our record over the past 15 years of beating the S&P500 nearly every year and outperforming nearly every other advisor on the market gives me confidence that our approach works. And while there are no guarantees in an unknown future, we believe deeply that we have the best approach to a volatile market.

So please enjoy this month’s market commentary.

And as we always ask, if you haven’t already done so, please give Brian and I the chance to give you our custom Iron Gate Portfolio Assessment and help you understand how we serve our clients with discipline, exceptional investment knowledge and high integrity by responding to this email or calling us at 1.888.591.0334.

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