Have you optimized your finances?

Are you getting the most from your financial plan?

At Iron Gate Global Advisors we consider it a critical part of our service to optimize your whole portfolio when mapping out your financial plan. We want your finances to function in harmony and provide the greatest likelihood of achieving your goals while minimizing risk.

Here are several considerations you should be making with regards to your finances that could enhance your overall performance.

Are your asset allocations appropriate?

We too often meet with clients who, upon a close look at their finances, discover that they are way out of whack with their goals. One of the most common is an over or under allocation to cash and bonds that leads to a dramatic decrease in their ability to achieve financial goals. Here is a great article we wrote not long ago on why simple academic formulas for cash and bonds versus other investment allocations can often be way off: Conventional Wisdom About Retirement Age Allocations Is Likely Costing You

Let’s talk if this might be you.

Do you have a clear plan for income when the time comes?

It is far too common that investors plan their path to retirement extremely well but beyond that retirement date everything goes dark. Income is one of the most important elements of your financial plan as you ease off a regular salary. If not managed well, generating a steady income from your investments can be an unnecessary burden on your finances. Let us help you plan well with income generating strategies that don’t set fire to your portfolio.

Do you have stagnant assets somewhere that should be transitioned to a clear plan?

Years old corporate 401k plans, Roth IRAs that were left on the shelf, assets on cruise control at an institution who hasn’t adjusted in years. These are the makings of perpetual underperformance. If you think you may have assets that are not working for you let’s have a discussion about getting them performing again.

Are you adding a smart mix of alternative assets to your portfolio?

We have developed unique relationships across a variety of investment tools that can lead to above average returns, powerful diversification and hedging that can dramatically stabilize and enhance your portfolio. One great example of these is our access to Private Markets that we wrote about in this post. We have others including an options portfolio managed by Brett Patterson that let’s you access asset classes often only reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

Are your core holdings simply performing badly?

Let’s face it, a large number of financial advisors just simply don’t have the expertise, background and/or skills required to properly manage your money. Their best skill is salesmanship and it has led to you having significant holdings that are not providing the returns you need. We are happy to do an analysis of the strategies used by other advisors and determine if they might be holding you back.

Let’s talk about your full financial plan and how to optimize it.

You are likely answering one or more of these questions in a way that is unsatisfactory. We’d love to talk more about it and how we can help. Our expertise is in optimizing the whole of your finances so that you can breathe easy and achieve your long term financial goals.

Call us at 888.591.0334 or email brett@igga.dev and we’ll how you might adjust your plan to get it in shape.