Our History

How we got here

Brian Hunsaker—one of our founding members—left his job at a broker/dealer management firm in 1999 and co-founded Iron Gate Global Advisors (then called Amussen Hunsaker & Associates) because he was tired of not being able to put his clients’ needs first. According to his boss, Brian’s responsibility was to sell certain corporate products to clients that generated commissions for the broker/dealer.

Brian had  serious issues with this model. He said, “I didn’t feel like the firm cared about my clients. They just wanted me to generate commissions.” Brian and his colleague Franz Amussen broke away from this firm and started a fee-only, fiduciary-focused, independent firm. A decade after they started their business, the fiduciary model gained traction and became more popular within the industry. We are proud to have been ahead of our time in moving to a model that made more sense for our clients.

In 2014, Brett Pattison left a glamorous corporate job at TD Ameritrade for the same reasons Brian left his job 15 years prior: he wanted to put the client first. He joined Brian and Franz as a partner at Iron Gate, and together they are proud of the business model they have created. Their primary goal is to provide the services, transparency, and results they would want if they were the client.

We started this firm because we believe your bottom line should come before your advisor’s. Since we are a fee-based independent firm, we do better when YOU do better. It’s that simple, and it’s what has made our business grow steadily over the last two decades. We will always put you first, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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