Presidential Election Results: A Quick Guide for Investors

This week has seen one of the most surprising US Presidential election results in history. What a ride it was!

For me, this has meant mass texts, calls, emails and more from clients and associates wanting to grasp what it means for their portfolios and how to react.

Today’s video is meant as a guide to how we believe the disciplined investor will act in light of a President-Elect Trump. Enjoy.

What We’re Reading

Jamie Dimon just sent this memo to his staff about Donald Trump’s victory: One of our favorite CEOs, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan, sent out a letter to his employees after the election results. The whole idea of working hard, listening to our clients, and realizing the kind of country that we live in, that is stuff that we completely agree with. Good work Mr. Dimon!

Master’s in Business Podcast interview with Bill Miller: This podcast is phenomenal! Bill Miller, one of the best value investors in the last 50 years, is interviewed by Barry Ritholtz. Among other things, Mr. Miller describes why value investing, being contrarian, and allocating capital are so important. You will understand, as you listen, how Mr. Miller is so different than most other people. His philosophy is very close to how we do things at Iron Gate Global Advisors. This is kind of lengthy, but well worth the listen.

Tweet of the Week: Leaving politics aside as we prepare for paperwork (RMDs and tax) season, the Tweet of the week comes from Buzz Aldrin. He makes fun of the paperwork that had to be done when Apollo 11 re-entered earth’s orbit. Good stuff Mr. Aldrin!

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