Protect and Preserve Wealth

Risk. It’s inevitable. It exists everywhere. Some of it you can control some of it you can’t. When it comes to investing and the markets Iron Gate Global understands the risks that exist in the market and takes the action necessary to protect and preserve wealth for its clients.

Here’s a few of the risks associated with the markets . . .

  • Bearish Markets. Throughout history there have always been bear markets. The most recent example of this was in 2008 when the stock market lost half its value . . . most likely your retirement or other accounts did the same! We understand this risk which is why we utilize a bullish and bearish market indicator. It tells us when we should scale back the risk in your portfolio or when we should apply protective option strategies to your portfolio. If you are in or on the cusp of retirement, the last thing you can’t have is a major hit to your portfolio like we saw in 2008.
  • Expensive Investments. Would you ever go to the store and knowingly pay more for what something is actually worth? Hopefully the answer is no . . . however this is what uneducated investors do all the time. Buying the “hot” new investment has historically been one of the worst strategies of all time. Rest assured that Iron Gate Global Advisors understands what something is worth and at its very core strives to only buy investments that are trading at an attractive price.
  • Inflation. One of the hidden risks in the world we live in is inflation. Its impact can increase risk to some of the most basic of investments including CDs and bonds. Ask yourself the following questions: What risks do your current investments have if inflation rears its ugly head? What kind of returns are your investments making after inflation? Is the value of your hard earned dollar getting being hurt by inflation? This risk may be greater than you thought.
  • Allocation. No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” We agree! Allocation is one of the greatest ways to account for risk. A proper allocation to different areas of the globe, sectors, stocks, asset classes are important to managing risk.
  • Psychology. Believe it or not the reason most people fail when investing on their own is because of what’s lying between their ears. It’s psychological. Numerous studies have been done regarding investing behavior and why people fail. If you have encountered this risk in your own investing perhaps it’s time to allow someone to take control?

Iron Gate Global makes risk management our top priority when managing money.

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