Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor


Franz Amussen, is co-founder of Amussen Hunsaker & Associates, Inc. (now Iron Gate Global Advisors) a registered investment advisory firm. Mr. Amussen has degrees in Accounting and Economics from Utah State University and has his Masters degree in geography from the University of Utah. Franz has passed the CPA exam and considers the understanding of accounting essential in his analysis of public companies, he says “accounting is the language of business”.

At Iron Gate Global Advisors, Franz manages client portfolios and conducts research in public companies. Franz invests for his personal and client portfolios in public companies that he feels represent a reasonable risk to reward tradeoff.

Franz is a member of SLC Angels an angel investment group that may invest in early stage startup companies.  His membership in this group gives Franz an insight into what may be possible investment ideas in up-and-coming technologies for his clients in future public companies. As a general rule angel investing is very high risk and is not suitable for most investors. Franz only invests his personal money in the angel investment arena.

Franz has been a member of the Utah Committee of Consumer Services.  This is an appointed position by the Utah Governor. Franz was appointed for his first 4 year term by then Governor Michael Leavitt and was reappointed for a second term by then Governor Jon Huntsman.  He served for 2 terms (8 years).  The Committee of Consumer Services acts as a consumer advocate in utility rate case hearings related to natural gas and electricity.  In this position Franz has been involved in analysis of rate design, generation portfolios and demand forecasting