Marketing and Sales Consultant

Jed DeVries joined Iron Gate in summer 2019 as a Marketing & Sales Consultant. Having been a long-time client of the firm, he appreciated the value we offer to our clients and was thrilled at the opportunity to join the Iron Gate Global team.

Jed has been in sales for the last two decades and currently works full-time at Boston Scientific as an Executive Consultant.

Jed earned a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Utah State University where he also played football from 1989-1993.

After graduation, he was an NFL offensive lineman for four-years playing for the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens.

After leaving the NFL, he joined Park City Medical where he began his career in Medical device sales and consulting.

In addition to working for Iron Gate Global Advisors, Jed is an Executive Consultant for Boston Scientific in medical device sales where he has won multiple President Club awards.

Jed is married and has two children. His hobbies include ultra-marathons, marathons, hunting, mountain biking and fishing.