Financial Planner and Insurance Representative

Kathryn Quist is Iron Gate’s Financial Planner and Insurance Representative. Kathryn brings a holistic and client-oriented approach to planning for retirement and long-term financial success. She works hard to objectively and empirically guide clients through the complex world of insurance, helping each client decide whether insurance is wise for their situation and, if so, what type and level is best.

Kathryn has a strong background in accounting, finance, strategic planning, and risk management. Prior to joining Iron Gate, Kathryn enjoyed a prestigious career with an international management consulting firm. In her most recent role as Chief of Staff, Kathryn was heavily involved in planning for the firm’s ongoing financial and operational success. Kathryn relished one-on-one interactions with clients and the problem solving aspect of effective financial and insurance planning, so she decided to make a career change to harness her business acumen and apply it to helping clients build wealth and plan for their futures.

Outside of work, Kathryn can be found riding horses, playing with her nieces and nephews, running with her two poodles, or turning the pages of good book. She is an accomplished musician who sings and plays the piano, flute, guitar, and violin. She loves to come up with the next good reason to host a family gathering.