Account Manager

Tanner Johnson joined Iron Gate in May 2017 as an Account Manager and has enjoyed creating positive relationships with Iron Gate Global’s clients. He works hard on a daily basis helping Iron Gate Global’s clients with account maintenance, service, paperwork, along with other responsibilities. Since being employed at Iron Gate Global, Tanner has helped design new workflows and processes with the goal of improving customer service. If you have talked to Tanner on the phone or through email, you will know that he indeed puts the client first. Tanner is fascinated by the stock market and loves to attend Iron Gate Global investment committee meetings to learn firsthand what putting the client first means.

Tanner is a proud Minnesota native who is currently studying business at Brigham Young University. He is captain of the lacrosse team and a two-time all-conference player. Tanner spends his spare time at the lake with friends, golfing, and watching football. He served a two-year mission for his church in Brazil.