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In 1942, World War II was raging and the world burned while eleven-year old Warren Buffett was looking to make his first stock purchase.

Today’s video comes from Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Meeting. Think about the following as you learn from one of history’s greatest investors:

  • When did Warren Buffett invest?
  • In what did he invest?
  • When did he sell?
  • How did he respond to fear mongers and doom-and-gloomers?
  • Is gold a viable investment?

Enjoy free education from one of the best! (And never bet against America!)

Here’s to wise investing,
Brett Pattison
Iron Gate Global Advisors
As a follow up to last week’s podcast “The King of Indexing Is Causing Confusion,” here is the Vanguard white paper many of you have requested which details the value of an Investment Advisor.

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