How To Handle Each Market Apocalypse

The Next Apocalypse: Or What The Media Wants You to Believe

This month’s market commentary video is chalk full of fun topics at the top of everyone’s mind.
Like: After this bull run is the market cheap or expensive? Should I invest now or hold back? How do I deal with the (next) apocalypse the media is touting?
As always we have an Iron Gate perspective that I believe you’ll appreciate.
Enjoy the video.

What We’re Reading

You’re not as good an Investor as you think you are: In celebration of the Bull Market’s 8th birthday, one of our favorite writers, Jason Zweig, discusses how psychology can wreak havoc on investors as they try to go at it alone.
The Downfall of the Popular IPO: With Snapchat going public this week, we’ve heard a TON about IPOs. In fact, I was on the ski lift and the ski instructor started talking about Snap’s IPO! Uh oh! Here’s a great article by Ben Carlson discussing the downfall of the popular IPO. Buyer, beware.
Merrill Lynch cuts its top rate on fee accounts. Now, an article that is a flat-out joke! Merrill Lynch is change its maximum permitted from 2.7% to just 2.2%. What? This is insane! If you’re getting charged this, you better find a different Advisor. That kind of fee is just ridiculous! The worst part of it is, Merrill thinks they are doing a great service!

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