The Two Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

Like a parent telling a young child to not touch the hot pan on the stove, there are certain things you should NOT do in a bear market. It’s important for us, as fiduciaries, to discuss these things so YOU don’t get burned. 

Fear (not a hot pan) is the main culprit that tempts far too many people to these two big mistakes. The ugly headlines, the balance of your accounts going the wrong direction, and the media’s attempt to scare you to death, certainly do not help in trying to avoid making mistakes. 

Last week’s podcast discussed the first big mistake. Today we reiterate that important concept and discuss big mistake #2. 

We hope it helps calm nerves and most importantly, gives you a game plan for navigating the turbulent times. 

Here’s to wise investing,

Brett Pattison & Brian Hunsaker

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