The Unspoken Truth about Market Returns

The average return for the stock market since 1928 is 9.85%. In those 95 years, how many times do you think the market has ended the year between 8% and 12%?

In today’s podcast, we discuss how everyone’s expectations of the market are often incorrect. (In fact, if you have any expectations, it’s best to discard them altogether!) The stock market has experienced more years with returns over 30% than years with returns between 8% and 12%.

We also discuss how the Iron Gate process helps us stay disciplined in both good and bad years. As investors, it’s essential to sift through the noise and remain focused on building wealth. Let go of those expectations!

We hope today’s discussion helps you evaluate your past returns and look forward to future returns.

Here’s to wise investing,

Spencer Nelson and Brett Pattison

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