The Wrong Questions

This Client Asked Two Common Questions: Here's Our Answer

A client recently asked me two questions:
1) What is the market going to do over the course of the next year?
2) What is the secret sauce that has led to our success in the markets?
What I did was walk him through why those aren’t the right questions to ask an adviser. I walked him through what I believe any client or potential client should ask their investment adviser.
The reasoning for my answer is deeply connected with why I believe a large number of investors, either on their own or with an adviser, don’t achieve the success they should be able to.
Today’s podcast is a simple review of that conversation. I hope you enjoy.

What We’re Reading

The first rule of Investing is . . . This is a fantastic, quick read that we agree with wholeheartedly. The key to any “rules” is to implement them. It’s one thing to know the rules, it’s another to implement them.
What Matters and What Doesn’t in Investing (and in Life) This echo’s a lot of what we discussed in our podcast. There are some things you shouldn’t waste your energy worrying about (even though the media sure does!).
Two Simple Ways to Trounce the Market – While trouncing the market is never “simple,” this article does point out some two important principles that we agree with. In fact, for a lot of our clients, this is how we manage their money.

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