This is Your Brain on Losses

This is Your Brain on Financial Losses

We’re going to keep things really simple this go round.

Why? Because this basic principle is what keeps the wise getting richer and the unwise getting poorer. It’s what drives the shift in market wealth from the unsophisticated investor to the seasoned investor.

And you just might recognize a bit of yourself in the foundational concept I share in the video. It’s inspired by The Behavior Gap by Carl Richards and is applicable in many situations but particularly investing.

So take a look. I think you’ll enjoy and come out wiser as you think about your money.

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Edward Jones hit with suit alleging 401(k) mismanagement: Unfortunately this is becoming a common theme. As people become more educated these mammoth firms that have been ripping people off will be called out. We believe that this is a GREAT thing! If it’s not in the best interest of the client, it should NOT be done. Period. Read it here.

Malcom Gladwell Revisionist History Podcast, “My Little Hundred Million”: This podcast series from Malcolm Gladwell is fantastic, a must listen too! This one in particular highlights how an individual has completely changed a college through the legacy he has left. He also speaks about those Universities with Endowments that are so large, they’ll never use all the money. Our take, we’d have to side with Malcom on this one. Listen here.

How investors can sabotage performance by switching to index funds: This article continues the debate of active vs. passive investing. Passive investing has been very popular lately, certainly more popular than it’s ever been. (That should be warning enough.) One quote we really like in the article says . . . “In other words, chasing returns and hot sectors is dangerous, no matter which type of fund you use.” We agree! Read the full article here.

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