Three Investing Lessons from the Greatest

Warren Buffett – arguably history’s greatest investor – releases an annual letter sharing his words of wisdom and providing us with an update on his business.

Three things stood out to us in this year’s letter, and that’s what we discuss in our podcast this week. They include:

  1. What to look for (and not look for) in an investment,
  2. The biggest barrier to success as an investor,
  3. The role of bonds in a portfolio (and this one may shock you).

Enjoy this weeks podcast!

Here’s to wise investing,

Iron Gate Global Advisors


Information presented is gathered from sources to be reliable. However, Iron Gate Global Advisors does not attest to its accuracy and is not responsible for errors and /or omissions.  This is for educational purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Options may not be suitable investments for you and your financial situation. Please consult with a professional before investing.

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