We Hate the Corona Virus

Last week we got horrible news that, due to the corona virus, we are being sent back to Utah prematurely from our internship here in the Dominican Republic. We are part of a worldwide program and they are concerned that if the virus continues to spread, borders could close, and we would not be able to return to the United States. Because of this concern and many more, our directors have decided to take us out of country. We will be leaving the DR on March 15th.

Although we are devastated that we must leave, we are happy to have a couple of days to wrap things up with the amazing people we are teaching.

On Tuesday morning we went to Annamaria’s to help her paint her house. Annamaria sells pet fish out of her home but found that people weren’t familiar with her business because there was no way to identify her fish store. So, she decided to have us come and paint the outside of her house like a fish tank!

Sydney is the creative master of the four of us and lead the way in creating a colorful design to attract customers to her house to buy her fish. We were able to do the whole project in a couple of hours and only spent $16 in supplies.

While painting, dozens of kids stopped to chat with us and admire the paint job. We had several people on motorcycles stop to compliment the art. We already know that there is a large demand for what Annamaria is offering, but we hope that the new paint job will bring new customers and spread the word about her business.

It was so fun to hang out with Annamaria as she watched the transformation. She wouldn’t let anyone stand on the chair to reach the high parts of the house unless she was holding onto the chair to make sure nothing happened to us. She is such a hardworking, loving women.



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