We’re all EXHAUSTED! Should we sit this one out?

Here are a list of topics that we have talked about with clients recently:

  • Inflation at 8.53%
  • Fed tightening/raising interest rates
  • Ukraine/Russian War
  • China’s lockdown
  • Mid-term elections coming up
  • Covid aftermath


(We’re exhausted just making that list!!)


So, with all that going on, should we just get out of the market and sit this one out?


In today’s podcast we discuss whether moving to cash is a good idea or not. We look back at some “end of the world” type events that have occurred in the past 35 years and what the market has done.


Lastly, we discuss how important it is to maintain a calm voice and mind while chaos is everywhere.


Here’s to wise investing, 

Brett and Brian

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