What is Going on with the Stock Market??

If you’ve been reading or listening to any financial news (which we suggest you don’t), you’ve read something like this headline (from Axios) – “It’s official: Stock market having worst start to year ever”.

While this is true, it’s truly lacking any sort of perspective at all.

In today’s podcast, we discuss the market volatility, the worst start to a year ever, and why investors should be excited not fearful. We look under the hood of the market and discuss a bubble that is being popped, and why this is a good thing.

If you’re retired and living off your investments, we have advice for you. If you’re not retired and you’re still accumulating wealth, we have advice for you too.

Most importantly, this podcast will help you relax and enjoy your weekend.

Here’s to wise investing,


Brett Pattison & Brian Hunsaker

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