What We Learn About Contrary Opportunities From the Peanut Butter Bear Market

In this week’s video commentary we’re talking about the lessons of the Peanut Butter Bear Market.
Haven’t heard of the Peanut Butter Bear Market? Well it has some great lessons about when we should be building our portfolios and taking advantage of opportunities.
It’s a great lesson in how a contrary view can completely change the game for the wise investor.
So please watch and enjoy learning about what peanut butter can teach us.

What We’re Reading

What Works on Wall Street. This is a Google Talk by Jim O’Shaughnessy. O’Shaughnessy is the author of one of our favorite books, “What Works on Wall Street.” This is one of the better one hour educational videos we have watched recently.
We Can Get Great Advice, But the Decision is Up to Us. Carl Richards of the Behavior Gap, discusses how, when it comes down to financial advice, it’s up to you! We couldn’t agree with this more. We deliver advice to a lot of people . . . BUT we cannot force people to make those changes or slight adjustments in their life. It’s up to them.
Bonds May Be the Single Most Overvalued Asset Class. This is by investment guru Doug Kass who discusses why bonds are overvalued. This is important for people to know. Too many portfolios have allocations to bonds that may not help them the way they believe. We’re not saying that all bonds are overvalued or that everyone should sell immediately. However, being informed is important as it relates to what you may have in your portfolio.

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