Would You Rather?

Everything is down. Bonds. Stocks. Real Estate. Gold. Everything. The only things that have gone up are the essentials you pay for to live, which in a nutshell, is inflation!

In this episode, we address some very important questions. Questions with answers that will calm the nervous investor.

These are questions that have come directly from clients. We’re guessing that you have had or have some of these same questions.


Here’s some of what we discuss:

  • How much further will the market go down?
  • What is the impact of raising interest rates on the economy?
  • What’s on the other side of this bear market?


And our favorite (or our clients’ favorite) would you rather own cash, stocks, real estate, or gold?

If you listen to one podcast in 2022, this is the one you need to listen to. We hope you enjoy it.


Here’s to wise investing,

Brett, Brian, and Spencer

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